The Future

by Zen Lu

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this is the 2nd album of Zen Lu.
Zen Lu,experimental/electronic musician,sound artist,founder of We Play! Records and Neo Sound new art group and events curator. He’s one of the founders of ChoP, a musical project between China and Poland. Zen Lu is also a member of N2 New Media Art Lab, working and residing in Shenzhen, PRC.
Early 2007, Zen Lu founded Shenzhen independent label ‘We Play! Records’ and organizing events with artists from all over the world as well as. Apart from these,he composing music for dramas and movies.
Zen Lu’s minute, meticulous and minimalist digital music style as well as events organized by him and his label has played a major role in bringing a new wave of art activities to Shenzhen, for which the latter has been long considered a cultural desert.
Zen Lu has been participating in the following events:
New Vision Arts Festival(Hong Kong,China,2006),SAND Festival(Hong Kong,China,2006), Asia Europe Music Camp and Clandestino Festival(Gothenburg,Sweden,2007), Moving Closer International New Media Festival(Warsaw,Poland,2007),Chinese Sound Art in Poland project(5 cities in Poland,2007),Get It Louder Exhibition(Guangzhou,China,2007) , Shenzhen & Hong Kong Bi-city Biennale of Urbanism \ Architecture(Shenzhen,China,2005 and 2007), SoundReach(Toronto,Canada,2009),Architecture Is Art Festival(Hong Kong,China,2009),Warsaw Electronic Festival(Warsaw,Poland,2010),ChoP on tour in Poland(4 cities in Poland 2010),Expo Shanghai(Germany Pavilion,2010),8th Shanghai Biennale(Shanghai,China,2010),ChoP Tour in Europe(Poland,Czech Republic,Germany,2011),etc.

June-ChoP vol.1(Zen Lu&Grzegorz Bojanek)(We Play! Records,China,2010)
Zen Lu&Grzegorz Bojanek Live in Zacheta(Mind Twisting Records,Poland,2010)
The Future(We Play! Records,China,2007)
Wave One(Lona Records,Hong Kong,2007)
Over a Foul Line,Simple Questions(We Play! Records,China,2007)
Ding(ETA Label,Poland,2006)
Game Morning(EP,China,2006)
Let’s Play(Audio Tong Records,Poland,2005)

Mechanics Of Silence(Essentia Mundi,Germany,2011)
Explorations in Sound Vol. 4 The Sound of Live Performance(Further Noise,UK,2010)
An Anthology of Chinese Experimental Music 1992-2008(Subrosa,Belgium,2009)
B-Side(GiN label,China,2008)
CHAINSIA(NIkO Label,Japan,2007)
Made in China(LAIF,Poland,2007)
BrainWave Communication (BrainWave Communication,China,2007)
Table 108 VOL.1(Noise Asia,Hong Kong,2006)

Soundtrack&Sound design:
Mie Di(drama,2011,director:Johnny Tam,Macao)
Better Life(movie,2010,director:Isaac Julien,UK)
Ritual(movie,2010,director:Liang Guojian,CN)
Citizens,Community(movie,2010,director:Gao Ming&Bai Xiaoci,CN)
Dirty Life(drama,2009,director:Abai,CN)
Urban Anxiety(drama,2007,director:Abai,CN)
Things Change(drama,2006,director:Abai,CN)

8th Shanghai Biennale(2010,Shanghai,CN)
Big Big Rice(2010,Foshan,CN)
Sound Reach(2009,Toronto,CA)
Shenzhen & Hong Kong Bi-city Biennale of Urbanism \ Architecture(2007,Shenzhen,CN)
Get It Louder(2007,Guangzhou,CN)
Listen up:When the Plug is ON(2007,Hong Kong,CN)

Performance (selected):
2011 June-ChoP Tour in Europe(Sucked Orange Galerie,Berlin,Germany)
2011 June-ChoPiT(King Kong Klub,Berlin,Germany)
2011 June-ChoP Tour in Europe(Dum Umeni Museum,Brno,Czech Republic)
2011 June-Green Tea Day(Cafe Belg,Czestochowa,Poland)
2011 June-ChoP Tour in Europe(Zachęta National Gallery of Art,Warsaw,Poland)
2011 June-ChoP Tour in Europe(Coffee Bar Zagadka,Warsaw,Poland)
2011 March-Mie Di(Macau Cultural Centre,Macau,China)
2010 November-Shenzhen Harmony(Shenzhen Concert Hall,Shenzhen,China)
2010 October-8th Shanghai Biennale(Shanghai Art Museum,Shanghai,China)
2010 October-”Big Big Rice” Art Exhibition(Nanhai Culture Center,Foshan)
2010 July-2010 Shanghai EXPO”Future Music In Balancity”(German Pavilion,Shanghai,China)
2010 June-ChoP on tour in Poland(Warsaw,Krakow,Czestochowa,Sopot,Poland)
2010 June-Warsaw Electronic Festival(Warsaw,Poland)
2010 March-Neo Sound 6 ISSUE(Liangcha Shop Art Space,Shenzhen,China)
2009 October-Architecture Is Art Festival(HKSC,Hong Kong,China)
2009 June -ChoP:WEF on tour in China(Hong Kong,Shenzhen,Foshan,Guangzhou,Changsha,Wuhan)
2009 May-RED_Shift(OCT-LOFT Liangcha Shop Art Space,Shenzhen,China)
2009 February-SOUNDRECAH(UTAC,University of Toronto Art Centre,Toronto,Canada)
2008 October-Blind Man and the Sun(He Xiangning Museum,Shenzhen,China)
2008 April–Kapital Band 1 “Playing by Numbers Tour”(Videotage,Hong Kong,China)
2008 February-We Play White Noise(Cattle Depot Artist Village,Hong Kong,China)
2007 December- Shenzhen & Hong Kong Bi-city Biennale of Urbanism \ Architecture(OCT-LOFT,Shenzhen,China)
2007 August-The Diplomat Project: Ritual for the Ghosts(Para-Site Art Space,Hong Kong,China)
2007 July-Sounds in Asia(Mooka Space,Shenzhen,China)
2007 July-07Get It Louder Exhibition(Guangzhou,China)
2007 June-Moving Closer International New Media Festival(Warsaw,Ploand)
2007 June-Chinese Sound Art in Poland(Poland)
2007 June-Clandestino Festival(Gothenburg,Sweden)
2007 March-We Play Neo Sound!(Mooka Space,Hong Kong,China)
2007 March-Listen up:When the Plug is ON(Festival Walk,Hong Kong,China)
2007 February-Take Off the Headphone and Turn to 10(Cattle Depot Artist Village,Hong Kong,China)
2006 October-New Vision Arts Festival Hong Kong(Hong Kong Cultural Centre,Hong Kong,China)
2006 August-Sound Images(Mooka Space,Shenzhen,China)
2006 August-Burn(NiLiHo Gallery,Foshan,China)
2006 June-SAND Festival(Para-Site Art Space,Hong Kong,China)
2006 May-The Fracture of Youth(Chilango Book Store,Shenzhen,China)
2006 February-Revenge of Ying and Yang(OCAT,Shenzhen,China)


released December 4, 2007



all rights reserved


Zen Lu China

Zen Lu,experimental/electronic musician,sound artist,founder of We Play! Records and Neo Sound new art group and events curator. He’s one of the founders of ChoP, a musical project between China and Poland. Zen Lu is also a member of N2 New Media Art Lab, working and residing in Shenzhen, PRC. ... more

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